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Generon is a name given to the universe. More specifically, it is suppose to be the centre of the universe. Some said it is like the omnipresence of God, and it is everywhere, but latest discovery shows that Generon really existed, and can be seen and felt by any living being’s senses. To the eyes, it is oblong in shape, and radiates great energy that nobody managed to measure it. Some scientists compare Generon to the Mother of all suns, as it is a very big star that pulls everything together like a solar system. While planets revolve round a sun, galaxies revolve around Generon. However, to date nobody actually knows what contains inside the core of Generon, and the centre of the universe remains just as mysterious as the unseen God of religious believers.



Terran is the general name given to the descendants of Homo sapiens and other species akin to them. They are a well-figured and agile race, but most of them are well known of their blatant pride and oppressive nature. They emerge as one of the few races that control the universe with their power, and like their ancestors, their greed for more power slowly destroys themselves, leading to constant wars and never-ending feuds among themselves.


The Nyueks are deemed as one of the noble races because they speak and present themselves with sheer politeness and grace to the eyes of the world. They are sometimes referred to as ‘fish heads’ because of their large fins on their heads and long fleshy whiskers hung down on both side of the chins. Noble as they are, but they are an over pompous race, having no respect to other races which they feel lesser or inferior than them. Sometimes also labelled as the royalties, they are exceptionally advance in terms of technology and good in warfare.


They are actually a bunch of rocky formations linked together by their spirits or essence. They are called Golems, and sometimes misbelieved as mythical creatures. But they exist, and bear no similarities with other living beings, because they did not need food, water, nor need to breathe to survive. In their homeland there was no life forms other than themselves, because their planets did not have a sun to produce energy. But it is believed that they are ‘living on their own sun’, because they draw their own energy from the core of their planets. Many thought them to be prehistoric, but in actual fact they possess greater technology than any other race at present. They prefer to live in peacefulness, and do not endorse war.


They originated further from civilisation where the places were called ‘the wilderness and unexplored’. Naturally, they are a barbaric tribe, and their lust for blood made them eager to kill anything they see. They have purple skins, monstrous claws and fangs. Even though they had only primitive mentality, but their viciousness made them a strong race in par with other strong races of the universe. People call them outlanders, brutes and monsters, and would step out of the way if see one lurking by.


Another of the most enigmatic races of the world, the Amorphos are shape shifters, masters in the arts of deception. Their origins are still doubtful to date, because no one exactly knew how they came into this world. Some scientists believed they are an expansion of the protozoan animals, and bred through asexual duplication. They are rarely seen and known as Amorphos, because once they mingled into the society, they quickly adapted and took shape as one of the locals. In fact, through many shape shifting and disguises, they had quite forgotten how they looked like in their real forms, and seldom any of them actually revert back to their original features.


Illian Greyor and the Ultimate Weapon of Destruction

He is probably the most unidentified person in the whole universe. Theories revealed that Illian Greyor is one of the genetically modified individuals in Enotopia to produce a batch of super killing machines, and he was the most infamous of them all. While he was sold to mercenary camps, where people often hired him for big scale wars, his sword always follows him about. Legends said that the weapon he uses was the ultimate weapon of destruction, because with the weapon he can do anything he likes. He can kill and destroy particularly anything, and can get everything he wants with the weapon. While some say that he has a heavy reliance on the weapon, others disagree, and say that he himself was the ultimate weapon of destruction. In truth, the weapon is specially designed for him and no one can use the weapon other than him. To some extent, the weapon is actually a part of him, as some gave credit that part of his spirits flowed inside the sword, making the weapon much alive as he was. Because of its history of bloody slaughters, the Grodons denounce the existence of the weapon, as they called it the Kashykan, Evil Sword of Rendar.


“The Particle Revelation”

This scientific journal is written by Col. Forzoan Palov on his research and discovery of the spiron. In this journal, he wrote: a living being is much alive and animated because of something more than just protons and electrons. Later, his unofficial disciple, Gard, added: the only reason one can have thoughts, affection, desires and hatred is because our souls are a constitution of spirons. In summary, “The Particle Revelation” revealed that a chain of particles called spirons coordinates a living body, and after these spirons left the body, we say the person is dead. These spirons will degenerate then reconstruct and revitalise another body, namely the “reincarnation” or “rebirth”. While some spirons don’t degenerate, they continue to be linked together and continue to float around as a soul, and here comes in the theory of ghosts and apparitions as seen by some people called psychics.


Several galactic greetings used by formal diplomats to other individual of different races such as “Shjrous” for Mister, “Shjrousae” for Mistress, and “Shjrousassam” for everybody, especially a group of different sexes. “Bonj” is used when greeting a highly acknowledged person, particularly in the Grodonic communities.


In Terran civilisations, especially in colonial settlements, the Admiral of the fleet governs it. Lieutenants are third ranking officers in the military hierarchy. In a particular expedition, a Leader can take full control of his subordinates, but is responsible to the Admiral.

For the Nyueks of the Raunoblean government, the Glovarn is the king of the empire. Important ranking officers are called Guards and Prelates, often held by relatives of the Glovarn to continue the dynasty.

Arzankans do not possess any governmental organisations, as they are not civilised in nature. They are often divided into clans and communes, led by the strongest of their own people. There are often clashes and fights between their clans, but when going on big-scale wars, a General will lead all the clans into battle.

The Grodons have their own empire ruled by the emperor. Guild masters play an important role in the society as the citizens worship the Faerie Farum, the god who has supposed to create them. Soldiers and military officers are deemed royalties, often small in number.

Amorphos seldom possess their structure of society as they were scattered around the universe forming minorities in big civilisations. In the rebellion against the Nyueks, a war commander leads them. But if there happens to be a substantial population of Amorphos to form a civilisation, the leader will call himself Deuntohc, meaning the ‘Supreme Court’.

IGE, the Intergalactic Enforcers Front is an important universal organisation. They function as universal polices, arresting big time criminals, atrocious warlords and kingpins. Consisting of various races, the IGE deal with matters that concerns the safety of the whole universe, allaying wars and protecting nations from hostile invaders.

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