Chapter 7 Gard’s Story

Be patient if you want to listen to my story and discoveries in detail, for it would go a long time back to when I was just a five-year-old little child. From five to the present me fifty-year-old chap, it’s certainly long enough to be written in several books.

I was orphaned since birth, and had to live under charity shelters. Not that I’m unlucky, but there’re others unluckier than me. When I was five-years-old, my fate changed. An influential man, Master Palov, adopted me, gave me food and a place to stay. When I was bigger, I served him as a pageboy to repay his kindness.

Eight-years-old me then had been a hard year. My master had been accused of treason of complotting to overthrow the ineffective government of Balsace. He was sought after from the imperial guards, and had no other choices but to banish himself from the sovereign. However, I still followed him about, due to my unduly loyalty to him. My master vowed to conquer the universe ever since, and made great plans to build his army and take over Generon.

Later that year he recruited two scientists to do his experiments, Kaz and Dethc. Together, the three of them started collecting specimens from all over the universe. This continued for three years until we passed by the Gorreous galaxy. A huge war between Terrans and Arzankans over a belt of planets took place, as I can recount. But the war ended abruptly, and no one survived in that region.

Master Palov found a deserted factory at the war zone, and we made it our base. Seeing the massive armies that battled, my master suddenly decided that he would build his own. With the help of Kaz and Dethc, he wanted to resurrect the dead, and much more even, to clone them. So we started our big scavenging, and that was when I found Illian Greyor.

According to my master, Illian Greyor possessed super-unnatural powers, being a product of the genetically modified individuals in the Enotopia galaxy. He planned to reproduce a batch of super humanoids with a combined gene of an Arzankan, and create the most powerful killing machine. The research was a bold one, but evidently successful.

My master could have been a conqueror of Generon, but he never lived to fulfil his ambition. Never he had expected himself to be betrayed by his colleague, Kaz, who created a monster to murder him and Dethc. I think Kaz wanted to silence everybody and claim everything, but I was lucky to manage to escape. I brought along all my master’s work and research, and fled that accursed place.

I was all alone then, but Master Palov had taught me how to survive on my own. I never forgot his kindness to me, nor misremembered my promise to continue his researches on his demise. So I got myself to study his notes, and never stopped, until today.

I learnt a lot during these forty over years in Master Palov’s experiments. Though his projects were for malicious means, I still found some important discoveries that might shed light on the clockwork of our world. Master Palov was undeniably a genius when he was able to create hybrids from two totally indistinctive species. And claiming that he could command all them with a single rein, that perplexed me most.

It was really seven years ago only did I delve into this whole affair, after I found one of the clones, Jghyncan, living in Elix. After knowing about his origins, he agreed to help me on my research. From that time onwards, slowly I began to unravel the mysteries of my master’s creation. And the results were much more horrific and unnerving than I had imagined.

My deep observation found out that the hybrid clones were not ordinary clones, but they’re machines specially engineered for warfare. Under the micron glass, I noticed that the structures of the tissues are formed in such a way that they can be easily broken off and fused together, like building bricks. This type of formation is very unique; it can greatly reduce or even eliminate any force or energy penetrating through its bonds.

Such physiology rendered all the progenies invincible to physical attacks, I dare say, be it bullets or photon rays. Yet, there’re still substances in this universe that can retard the process of the fusion of cells. Only by this way, we can stop their metabolic rate and make them more susceptible to harm.

As a veteran of war, Master Palov knew all the tactics of commanding an army. He did not want mutiny or disobedience to undermine his skills and capabilities. Like I said, Master Palov wanted his legion to be controlled single-handedly, obeying him without second thoughts. Therefore, he designed all of them to be communicated as one.

I ventured into Jghyncan’s brain and discovered some things that modern sciences not necessarily have. It was something different that cannot be categorised in any present matter. We all know protons, neutrons and electrons as atomic matter; photons, chronons and tachyons as dimensional matter; and others like gravitons and termitrons as effective matter. However, my master’s discovery wishes to differ. In his journal titled “The Particle Revelation”, he wrote, “a living being is much alive and animated because of something more than just protons and electrons.”

True enough, I found something in living beings that had always been overlooked by scientists of past and present. We may say that our body is being controlled by messaging electrons in our nervous system, as being preached by primitive science; yet again, we’re wrong. Amongst those electrons, there are others akin but slightly dissimilar, which I call them spirons, a derivation from the word ‘spirit’. In fact, the only reason that we advance-level living beings can have thoughts, affection, desires and hatred are all because our souls are a constitution of spirons. Mythical stories about ghosts and spirits wandering after people die, may be true to some extent.

So far, I’ve learnt from my master’s journal that he managed to link all the spirons from his hybrid clones to him and his two other colleagues. Now that he and Dethc are dead, Kaz gains control over the clones. But fortunately, his powers and influence over them are limited. Initially, Kaz can only command those in his region within the galaxy. To rally the others outside from there, he had to send the clones to reach out for them, and activate the linkage spirons that are still hibernating in their subconscious. This means that the further he goes, the weaker is his grasp over the clones.

Back in my laboratory, I tried to unlock the secrets of the linkage spirons. However, I made a terrible mistake. I had forced myself too much into probing Jghyncan’s mind. And when the intensity had exceeded the limit, Jghyncan’s sanity suddenly cracked and went out of control. He went on a rampage, tearing up my whole laboratory, and his body slowly deformed into a beast, mutating into exactly like an Arzankan. At first I was shocked, but later I understood.

The hybrid clone is actually very unstable, as it is still a crossover of an Arzankan and a Terran. In different environments and upbringing, they grow differently. Clones in the Terran form are more noble and discreet in nature, while the Arzankan forms belong to the aggressive and destructive side. However, these features they illustrate may change with time and situation, depending on the impact they receive.

In my case, my rigorous experimenting on Jghyncan had been a torture and aggression to him. He may be cooperative as a friend, but in his subconscious, he is retaliating. As soon as I went too far, he burst. In the same way, if Kaz plans to use all the clones to war, he will be turning all of them into a horde of bloodthirsty Arzankans, which is what I feared most.

But whatever the outcome of this catastrophe turns out to be, I’ll try my best to put an end to it. My master also foresaw this probability of disaster, and in secret he told me: the only way to stop their insurgence is to….

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