For many generations after Earth have developed into a highly sophisticated civilisation, after science and technology have reached the point of supremacy, where there was left little room for improvement, humans, or simply called Terrans after setting foot on a significant land, scattered the universe, alongside with other progressive alien races. Terrans have become one of the great conquerors of the universe, populating almost every section of the space ever explored and counting. But howsoever the highest mentality, there lies the inner characteristics of greed and desire, which is the same nature of ‘life’ every high-level life forms share, leading to constant disputes over boarders and territory, and war-mongering, the favoured decision of blood-thirsty generals-in-command of huge fleets that would be a waste if not exercised in a full scale massacre.

Perhaps it is the nature of any life form that would never allow anything unlike or different to coexist with each other. The strong will live and the weak shall die – but without coexistence, just like an environment without its habitants and habitants without their environment, one species cannot survive on its own nor would others survive without the niche of the species played to maintain the balance of the system.

Many believed space being the matrix of the formation of mass, the space being the cytoplasm of a cellular unit, planets compared to as atoms or granules assembling the structure of a cell. And the nucleus of a cell functions in accord with the cytoplasm, a hand-in-hand coordination as defined by the orde kosmos. Internal destruction of the cell, led to the abnormality of the system, or namely cancerous growth. The finality is the death of the cell, total eradication, and nothing is spared if the twilight comes, not one single life form can live the tell the story of how once glorious civilisations crumble into dust, as though nothing existed before.

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